The Various Types of Chiropractic Care

The Various Types of Chiropractic Care

Many people associate chiropractic care with the spine and other bones, but it also treats essential muscles subject to strain through everyday activities. The mainstay of chiropractic care is spinal manipulation, but this is not the only treatment licensed professionals can use to treat pain in the musculoskeletal system. If you are experiencing stress and discomfort in the muscles of your shoulders and back, you can seek out a chiropractor for manual and manipulative therapy, soft tissue therapy, and ergonomic training.

Manual and Manipulative Therapy

When you have a sore muscle, how often do you want to move it? Chances are, not usually.

When you visit a licensed chiropractor like our staff at Honolulu Elite Chiropractic, you receive intensive muscular therapy and care at home in Honolulu. This treatment is designed to loosen the knots in the muscles, break down scar tissue, and alleviate pain by moving and stretching the muscle.

During manual and manipulative therapy, one of our chiropractors might gently move your body in ways that stretch sore muscles to alleviate tension. These are basic forms of manipulation ideal for treating stress caused by repetitive motions or former injuries. An example of this type of therapy would be a chiropractor gently pushing your knee up to your chest and then straightening it again.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissue therapy is similar to manual and manipulative therapy. A skilled individual can perform a broad range of services in this category, including assisted stretching, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and even cupping and acupuncture. If you are interested in this type of service in Honolulu, Honolulu Elite Chiropractic is one of the best places to visit.

Ergonomic Training

Besides treating issues, a skilled chiropractor can help you prevent future ones through ergonomic training. In this type of training, we teach you how to have better posture and put less strain on your musculoskeletal system while sitting, walking, and stretching.

In essence, we use this type of treatment to help patients alleviate their symptoms by reducing the amount of stress placed on the shoulders and back. Once you are taught these techniques in our office, you can practice them anywhere.

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