Laser Hair Removal: The Cost


Laser hair removal is a very recent (late 1990s) technology that allows you to get rid of unwanted hair simply and easily. It works by burning the hair follicle, which causes it to shrink. You feel no pain during or after the procedure. The only side effects are temporary redness and swelling, which quickly goes away with repeated use. It is relatively cheap to use: the cost of a treatment varies depending on your skin type and results vary from person to person. For example, using our Saprano ICE machine there’s almost no downtime but we’ve heard from many patients here that have used other machines and have had little results. In fact, as the writer of this article I can tell you from first hand experience I used a GROUPON for a local Honolulu laser hair removal (I won’t out them) and I went to 7 treatments (average is 6) and I saw very little results, in fact this other clinic (not HEC Medical Clinic) their laser hair removal machine was constantly down so I would have to use their backup machine which was even worse than their “best machine”. A few months later I finally found Dr Oda and used their services and it made a 100% difference!


Other practical considerations:

The procedure requires a minor amount of downtime, which varies from person to person. This can range from a few minutes for most people until several hours for some (though many people find it tolerable);
The procedure requires a large amount of vitamin E — about four times that required for fading sun damage — but this is fairly easily replaced with antioxidants (like vitamin C), so most people do not need an extra dose.
Your skin needs time to heal from the procedure — usually a few weeks — however with The Saprano ICE machine, downtime is almost zero with our machine. The procedure is not covered by insurance.


Laser Hair Removal: The Side Effects


Laser hair removal is a relatively new technology and there is still much to learn about its safety, efficacy, and cost. There are advantages and disadvantages to it:

• The procedure is quick, painless and safe.
• Cost can be reduced because there are no side effects
• Most importantly, the removal process does not require downtime or downtime recovery.



• The procedure must be repeated every 6-8 weeks (unless the patient requests otherwise)
• Because laser hair removal only removes hair from the surface of the skin, it won’t eradicate receding or fading gums or balding scalp; therefore you will need periodic visits for growth control.
• There may be some permanent redness in areas where laser hair removal was performed
• Laser hair removal cannot remove warts or acne.
• Laser hair removal can be expensive—The bottom line : before doing any kind of laser treatment , make sure your doctor fully knows what he/she is doing . Laser is one of several technologies that might work for you.


Laser Hair Removal Additional Information


Laser hair removal is a procedure that uses a laser to remove hair and skin cells from the skin. When performing laser hair removal, you will be treated with a laser light that is focused on the area being treated. The procedure takes only 5-10 minutes
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