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Dr Aaries Oda DC – Hawaii’s Expert in Laser Therapy

Our office staff focuses on and excels in customer service, this is something that a person has and cannot be taught. Our staff strives for excellence in every aspect and detail.  We focus on team building and strengths of each staff member and build the perfect team, to provide exceptional care and well being of each and every patient! 


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HEC Medical Clinic is a proud sponsor of the American Diabetes Association® 2023 Step Out Walk and t-shirt sponsor, Waikiki. 

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Dr. Aaries T. Oda D.C.

I have been practicing in Hawaii over 10 years. I have won Best of the Best Award 4 years in a row, from 2016-2020 from Oahu island and Kauai island.
I grew up on the island of Kauai, played many sports, always perfected myself, earning the prestigious Eagle Boy Scout Rank at age 13 years old. I skipped a grade in high school, graduating early at age 16 years old, and graduating top of my class.
Then receiving a scholarship for Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics from Oregon State University. I received my degree from Oregon State University and Pre-Med, proceeded to the highly acclaimed Palmer College and earned Doctorate in Chiropractic, and graduating top of the class.
I then gained experience in treating high level athletes in UFC, Strike Force MMA, Semi-Pro Rugby, Iron Man Triathlon Athlete’s, Century Bicyclers, Marathon Runners, Golfers, and Tennis Player.
I have always strived for challenges, learning as much as possible and perfected everything I do. It’s wasn’t about only getting the best grades, it was always the more information I know, the more people I can help.
Athletes became easy to treat, but the most difficult patients were our Kupuna’s and aging population. Geriatric Patients 70, 80, 90, 100 year old patients were the most difficult to treat. They didn’t respond to tradition treatments such as Physical therapy, adjustments, exercise, and stretches.
Laser Procedures is the Game Changer. It’s the only Procedure to treat the most difficult patients and get them Positive Results and avoiding surgeries. No more knee or hip replacements, no more spinal fusions and surgery, and no more injections and just managing pain. Laser procedures in my office has Successfully treated Thousands of Local Hawaii Residents.
I have been Featured in the local newspaper the Star Advertiser “ Doctors (DC) in the House”, local TV station Hawaii News Now “ Public Service Announcements” , national radio station IHeart Radio “ Public Service Announcements.”
With my background in Nuclear Engineering, clinical experience with Awards, and striving to excellence always. With Dr. Aaries T. Oda, DC you are in the Best Care and Excellence. “Laser is the Future of Health Care” regardless of opinion, the just straight science and the truth.

Here at HEC Medical Clinic, we are the Leaders in Laser Procedures.
With 3 different Laser Machines.
1. Laser FaceLift Without Pain, without burning, Zero Down time, and with proven results.
2. Laser Weight-Loss and Reverse Diabetes, Diet or Exercise NOT Required.
3. 40 -Watt Laser for Pain and Peripheral Neuropathy, Herniated Discs, sciatica, Spinal stenosis.
“Yes, I can Help You”
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Dr. Aaries T. Oda, DC

Honolulu Laser Weight Loss Center

1441 Kapiolani Blvd #808, Honolulu, HI 96814

We are located in the Ala Moana Building with Bank of Hawaii on the bottom floor.

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