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Dr Oda Laser Weight Loss

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Face Masks & Temperture Check Required For All Office Visits.

For over ten years, Dr. Aaries Oda DC has been utilizing proven laser technology and advanced procedures to enable his patients to live with beauty, confidence, and health. Laser treatment is the future of healthcare! Simply show up to your appointments and we promises that you will succeed. No dieting or strenuous exercise required! Schedule your consultation today for laser weight loss and reverse diabetes. Lose 1-2 inches right away! *Results may vary depending on patient.

We now have the best laser hair removal machine available. We are the First and Only in Hawaii to carry the Soprano ICE Platinum. The Soprano ICE Platinum is the most complete and effective multi-platform solution for hair removal and lesions – for all skin tones and hair types.

Our laser weight loss procedure is a non-invasive treatment that breaks down fat cells in areas that are stubborn to diet and exercise. The treatment is safe and effective for fat removal. Our patients have seen a very high success rate here in Honolulu. 

Dr. Aaries T. Oda, DC – Recently Voted Hawaii’s Best 2020

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Honolulu Laser Treatment Center For Pain.

Painless Laser Hair Removal, Laser for Pain, Balance Problems & More…


For many years now, laser technology has been used in the medical field to provide non-invasive treatments in various disciplines. The chiropractic field hasn’t been left behind. Low-level laser therapy abbreviated as LLLT and also known as cold laser therapy is a significant advancement in the provision of chiropractic care. Laser therapy guarantees instant and long-lasting relief and is safe and gentle for all patients. *Results may vary depending on patient.

Our  laser therapy provides relief for chronic pain as well as for weight-loss treatment.


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Complimentary Hako-Med

We provide this service free to all new and current patients. These techniques apply the principles of electrotherapy to stimulate the body’s healing responses.

Advanced Technology

Our treatment plans incorporate the latest developments in medical technology to ensure that our patients receive treatment that is safe, comfortable, and effective.

Unique Services

You won’t find this range of services anywhere else in Hawaii. Our office is the exclusive provider for many of these cutting-edge treatments and techniques.

Promised Results

When patients follow our treatment plan, they lose 1-2 inches instantly without dieting or exercise. Individual results may vary, and many patients will lose more. *Results may vary depending on patient.

Meet Dr Aaries Oda DC

Dr Oda DC, Hawaii’s Expert in Laser Therapy

Dr Oda Laser Weight Loss

Dr. Aaries T. Oda D.C.


 A Palmer West Graduate. He provides patients with the most advanced treatments while keeping patient comfort as a priority. Getting the patient better, faster, and with long-lasting results is Dr. Aaries Oda DC goal. He has experience treating professional athletes to prevent injury and help them get better, more quickly to continue training. His practice is focused on sports injuries, as well as treating everyone from birth to 110 years old, treating his patients the way professional athletes get treated. “Your spine is your lifeline” because it controls your overall health, nervous system, and function.

Honolulu Laser Weight Loss Center

1441 Kapiolani Blvd #808, Honolulu, HI 96814

We are located in the Ala Moana Building with Bank of Hawaii on the bottom floor.

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